DESPARASITAN-T / Powder to mix with portion of food

Internal antiparasitic agent for pigs. Highly efficient, broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent with high tolerance and low toxocity.

Category: Wormers.

Suited for: Pigs.

  • Broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent.
  • Highly efficient.
  • High tolerance.
  • Low toxicity.
  • Broad plan of dosage.
  • Reduction of parasitic load with continuous use.


Broad-spectrum oral anthelmintic powder to mix with portion of food. Acts on gastrointestinal, lung and renal parasitosis. It has vermicidal, larvicidal and ovicidal action.


Excipients, c.s.p.100 gr.


On parasitosis caused by Ascaris suun, Trichuris suis, Hyostrogylus rubidus, Strongiloides ransomi, Oesophagostomun sp., Metastrongilus sp., Sthepanurus dentatus.

Route of administration

Oral intake.


Except otherwise prescribed by vet, administer 3g per 25 kg live weight, homogeneously blended in the portion of food, in only one dose or distributed in 6 consecutive days.Breeding sows: 15 days before labor, 3 g per 25 kg live weight, distributed in the portion of food of two days.In continual treatments, administer 150 g/t.

Precautions and contraindications

  • None known.

Use restrictions

  • 14 days should elapse between completion of treatment and slaughter.


pack100 g container
pack1 kg container
pack5 kg container

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