Strategic planning focused on expansion

Our labs are prepared to provide quality veterinary drugs and products to an ever expanding globalized market."

In our beginnings, the possibility of the company growth not only nurtured our dreams, it also called for a proper planning of our facilities in order to be able to quickly adjust to the requirements of the market constant expansion.

In a piece of land with wide green spaces and plenty of room to enlarge our plant, we currently have 1,300 m2 of totally covered area adjusted to the modern machinery we operate for the manufacturing, fractionation and packing of our line of veterinary products. Recent extensions include a place for the conference room and a redistribution of the Administration and Sales offices. Labs were renovated in 2007 and 2008, including the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment and instruments and planning the hiring of new staff.

Thanks to a proactive business approach, we are always ready to face the challenges of a globalized market and of customers that demand efficient and economical solutions.

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Laboratorio Vetue - Venado Tuerto

Quality & Processes

GMPGood manufacturing procedures and quality in each aspect of our operations, are the key to reach the vision and goals of our company.

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