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The vision and goals proposed for the medium and long term of our company require a solid strategic planning that considers all the aspects of the business."

From research, creation and production to marketing, financial management, human resources, infrastructure and customer relationship management, just to name a few.

This entails an important effort to constantly check every aspect of our processes, promoting a commitment to quality awareness and adding state-of-the-art technologies in equipment and systems.

Now our goal for the first semester of 2009 is to successfully achieve the good manufacturing practices and quality assurance requirements required by SENASA (National Animal Health Service), according to "GMP Regulations".

This huge step in infrastructure, technology and awareness will shortly allow us to expand our business opportunities by offering our customers the best certified quality in our whole line of veterinary drugs.

What do GMP and GLP Regulations mean?

Good Manufacturing ProceduresGMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures): they mainly aim at the constant improvement of manufacturing procedures. The goal of the Regulation is to monitor manufacturing processes such as the quality of raw materials used.

GMPOn the other hand, GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) is a set of regulations, operational procedures and established practices promulgated by certain organizations that consider them mandatory to assure quality and integrity of the data produced in special types of research and studies. GLP cover all aspects of a study or research, and it is necessary to previously establish a "Quality Assurance Plan". To verify that the Plan is fulfilled throughout the entire study, a "planned system of activities" is needed, designed to ensure that the Assurance Plan is followed.

Essentially, GLP Regulations represent a work philosophy. They are a management system of everything that takes part in the carrying out of a study or procedure aimed to the research of any chemical or biological product. The regulations influence the way of working throughout the entire study, from design to filing.


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