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We are a company dedicated to veterinary pharmacy that manufactures, fractionates, imports and exports veterinary drugs and medicines.
NEUMOSULFA / Soluble powder - PremixCategory: Antibiotics. Chemotherapeutics. Suited for: Pigs. Poultry. Dairy cattle. Rabbits.

Powerful bactericidal combination. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. Easy administration and optimum tolerance.

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OXI VT / Soluble powderCategory: Antibiotics. Suited for: Pigs. Poultry. Livestock. Dairy cattle. Small animals. Sheeps and goats. Rabbits.

Broad-spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotic. Low toxicity. Excellent benefit-cost ratio.

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QUINOL 10% / Oral solutionCategory: Chemotherapeutics. Suited for: Poultry. Rabbits.

The broadest spectrum in bactericidal action. Fast and persistent therapeutic action. Powerful and reliable.

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