LIDOCAINA / Injectable solution

Intermediate anesthetic (nerve block and planes). Without vasoconstrictor. Twice as effective as procaine.

Category: Anesthetics.

Suited for: Horses. Pigs. Livestock. Dairy cattle. Small animals. Sheeps and goats.

  • Twice as effective as procaine.
  • Low toxicity.
  • Intermediate anesthetic (nerve block and planes).
  • Without vasoconstrictor (prevents necrosis in minor surgeries like tail and ear docking).
  • Inexpensive and reliable.


Sterile anesthetic solution of lidocaine hydrochloride 2 %(20 mg/ml).


Lidocaine hydrochloride2 gr.
Double distilled water q.s.100 ml.


Local anesthetic external use, by means of infiltration, nerve block and extradural.

For use on horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, cats and dogs..

Route of administration

Injection or external use.


Dose varies and depends on the area to anesthetize, the vascularization of the tissue, the neuronal segment that needs to be blocked, the tolerance and the anesthetic technique used.

Base dose: 2 to 3 mg/kg live weight. (0.15 ml/kg live weight ).

AnimalSuggested dosage
HorsesBack or low-back extradural: 5 to 20 ml, depending on size of the animal. Front or high extradural: according to animal health professional's advice.Diagnostic or surgical truncal anesthetic: According to animal health professional's advice.
CattleLow-back extradura anesthetic: 4 ml. High extradural: up to 60 ml.
PigsExtradural: up to 40 cm of caudal occipital length: 1 ml, increase 1.5 ml for every additional 10 cm long. Castration: intratesticular: 1 ml/kg live weight.
SheepEpidural: 8 to 10 ml.
Cats and dogsEpidural: 1 ml per 12 kg live weight.
For anesthesia of large surgical planes you can dilute in 1 ml of LIDOCAINA VT in 3 ml of sterile distilled water (lidocaine hydrochloride 0.5 %).External use: as needed and according to area to anesthetize

Precauciones y contraindicaciones

  • It is contraindicated in animals with known hypersensitivity to the drug, animals with severe shock, heart block, neurological diseases, twisted spine, septicemia, high or low blood pressure.
  • Avoid external use in areas severly traumatized.
  • Do not exceed maximum recommended doses.
  • Do not inject on inflamed or infected areas or tissues.
  • Check by means of inhalation that it is not applied via intravenous or subarachnoid injection.

Use restrictions

    Do not administer to animals for human consumption 36 hours before slaughter.
  • Do not use milk for human consumption or dairy industry until 36 hours have elapsed from application of LIDOCAINA VT.


pack100 ml multidose vial

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