Fast solution for downer cow. High calcium and energy allowance in low volumes. Practical dropper container.

Category: Calcifying.

Suited for: Livestock. Dairy cattle.

  • Fast solution to the emergency of downer cow.
  • Avoids the complications of injecting into a vein.
  • Easy administration due to the practical dropper container.
  • High Ca and energy allowance in low volumes.
  • Provides balanced electrolytes (Ca/Mg/Cl/P/K).
  • Inexpensive and reliable.


Calcium in gel form, with immediate optimization of energy allowance and added electrolytes that can be used as a substitute of the usual intravenous therapy, or as a supplement, and for the treatment and prevention of deficiency states.


Calcium Chloride - 6 H2O73.50 % w/w
Glucose - H2O12.50 % w/w
Magnesium Chloride - 6 H2O2.84 % w/w
Potassium Chloride0.64 % w/w
Sodium Hypophosphite - H2O3.93% p/v
Formulation agents, preservers and deionized water q.s.100 ml.


The main indication is the treatment of hypocalcemic puerperal paresis and postpartum paraplejia, as a substitute of the intravenous calcium therapy. As prophylaxis of downer cow syndrome in cattle and as prevention of calcium deficiency.

Route of administration

Oral intake. Open the tip of the cannula and pour the content on the corner of the mouth, keeping the animal's head up and giving it time to swallow the product.


Prophylaxis of the hypocalcemic puerperal paresis:

1 container of CALCINORAL (400 ml) 24 hours before labor, another one when giving birth (before or after). Repeat, as per vet's advise, 12 or 24 hours after giving birth.

Therapy of the hypocalcemic puerperal paresis:

1 container of CALCINORAL (400 ml) as first therapy. If progress is favorable, repeat treatment after 12 hours have elapsed. If no results are obtained after the first dose of CALCINORAL, check diagnosis and treatment, since hypocalcemic paresis should progress favorably with oral calcium therapy.

General hypocalcemia prophylaxis and therapy:

1 container (400 ml) in the morning, another in the afternoon. Treatment may be repeated during the second day, according to the animal's condition.

Precautions and contraindications

  • Follow indications for he administration of the product.
  • Do not overdose. If there is no response within the expected time, check diagnosis and treatment.
  • Overdosage could cause heart disorders more or less serious.
  • Induced hypocalcemia shows ventricular activity increase and lowers auricular activity.
  • Atropine can inhibit the resulting arrhythmia.
  • Sudden death is more likely linked to injectable types of calcium.

Use restrictions

  • None.


pack400 ml dropper container.

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